Rise of the Runelords 4th Edition style

The Swallowtail Festival

The PC’s arrived early during the day of the festival. Drizzit took it upon himself to explore the city and find a inn they could stay in and perhaps find out a few rumors in town. Meanwhile Astaron found a few locals at the festival that wanted to try and prove their strength against a minotaur, but soon found themselves beaten by him. The rest of the party made their way to the new cathedral and pay their respects to the gods.

Soon the festival was on its way and people were laughing, drinking and eating to their hearts content. Later that evening Father Zantus prepared to make his speech, and was just about to when a shrilling shriek was heard. A few seconds later the city of Sandpoint was overrun by goblins.

The PC’s all made haste to defend the citizen as mush as possible. Finally the goblin raiders were defeated and the northern gate were they also saved the noble Aldern Foxglove. The PC’s made their way to the “Rusty Dragon Inn” were the owner Ameiko offered them 1 week of free rooms for their bravery. An acolyte of Father Zantus was sent to fetch the PC’s and they were told someone had been into the crypt and stole the bones of the former minister – Ezakien.

The following day was spent with Aldern Foxglove on a boar hunt. A successful hunt later and the PC’s once again found themselves in the Rusty Dragon Inn eating and drinking. Later that day they were called upon by the Sheriff Hemlock to see the mayor and discuss the events that had happened.

At the meeting with the mayor they also met the elf ranger Shalelu who told them all about the goblin activity in the area. Something didn’t add up she said. Normally there are five goblin tribes who all bicker and fight each other, but someone or something is organizing all the tribes to work together. Sheriff Hemlock decided that it would be best if he rode south to raise more soldiers that could defend Sandpoint from a second raid if there were to be one.



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