Rise of the Runelords 4th Edition style

Glass and Wrath

The PC’s were just about to enjoy the breakfast when the hafling chef Bethana Corwin approached them and told them that Ameiko had gone missing. She had also found a note singed by her half-brother Tsuto, who in the note told her he was responsible for the goblin raid and wanted to meet her to come to the Glassworks. Since she was still missing the PC’s decided to check it out for clues.

Once the arrived they found the Glasswork was locked, all the windows sealed but smoke still rising from the chimneys. They made their way around back and broke down the door (since Drizzit couldn’t lockpick it fast enough). Inside the found that all the staff had been killed by goblin who still roamed around in the Glasswork. The PC’s cleared the entire area of goblins and went downstairs into the cellar to look for Ameiko.

They found her bound and unconscious in a storage room. They also found Tsuto down there, ready to fight for his life as he attacked the PC’s without hesitation. A small battle was fought against before they killed him. In his office they also found a journal he had been keeping. He seemed to be the man behind the goblin raid, but he mentioned his “lover” going through some kind of transformation, and that the Thistletop goblins were going to launch a bigger raid on Sandpoint and burn it to the ground.

Before they left the Glassworks they also found a secret tunnel leading out to the coastline, and there they also found a new tunnel leading into the ruined tower in Sandpoint



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