Rise of the Runelords 4th Edition style

Catacomb of Wrath

The PC’s followed the tunnel leading in under the ruined tower. There they were attacked by vicious creatures know as Sinspawned. They battle they’re way through the catacombs and came across on of the goblin “heroes” know as Korvous.

After defeating the goblin they only found caved in stairways leading both up and down. With no other way to go forward they returned to a huge door they past earlier. Here Kuri, the Shardmind Ivoker, found runes that suggested that this place was a “Runewell” created by a Runelord Alaznist some thousand ears ago. They entered the chamber and was confronted by a Erylium demon. They fought hard and finally defeated her, and by doing so it also seemed to drain the catacombs of its power.

The PC’s also found a really old book which was written in some unknown language. Kuri decided to keep the book and try to learn its secret later.

After the adventure in the catacombs the group returned to Sandpoint for a well earned rest.




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